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    Ziptrak Interior Blinds Melbourne

    Doors Blinds & Shutters presents you with a unique track guided system Blind for your home or office.This system is better than anything available in the market today. Despite its complex functioning, it is really easy to use.

    We have developed a highly efficient and effective system while developing our Ziptrak Interior Blinds technology. Ziptrak Interior Blinds are a really innovative technology that allows customers to easily maintain and use their blinds the way they want without having to rely on expensive products.

    Our Ziptrak Interior blinds in Melbourne have a track-guided system and locks the blinds’ edges into small side tracks. This is done to ensure the interior environment is isolated from the exterior. Our Ziptrak Interior Blinds are great for Theatre rooms and Bedrooms for complete blockout.

    Get the desired results you are looking for with our made to measure Ziptrak Interior Blinds today by calling 93690344.

    Perfect for bedrooms

    No other blind blocks out light better than Ziptrak® Interior. The track guided system secures the blind material within vertical tracks, preventing light from entering through gaps.

    The slim and discreet system with exceptional finishes is worthy of its presence within your home.

    indoor blinds

    We provide Ziptrak Interior Blinds in Melbourne with easy height control. The spring-balanced system helps you control the blind’s height by controlling the grip. Don’t spend extra effort on cords and chains to control your blinds, just use your fingers to control the blind’s height.

    Our Ziptrak Interior Blinds help you block out light entirely. This is great for a home cinema experience as well as official meetings. Our Ziptrak Interior System helps you take care of all such requirements by blocking natural light. Enjoy a peaceful environment on days when the sun is harsh and unforgiving.

    Visit our showroom today to choose from an amazing range of Ziptrak blinds in Melbourne. Get in touch with our team if you have any queries or any issues with our products and we will be happy to help you.


    Ziptrak® Interior offers best-in-class insulation^ for large windows. The track-guided system provides an air pocket between the glass and blind which significantly enhances insulation performance^. Some materials also include a reflective backing in order to bounce direct sunlight back outside.

    Sealed Solution

    Ziptrak® Interior blinds operate within tracks that are installed into both sides of your window frame. As a result, there is no gap to the left and right of the blind. The result is best-in-class insulation^ as air is not allowed to freely flow around the sides of the blind. Unlike other blinds, Ziptrak® Interior creates an air pocket effectively reducing your energy bills^.


    Ziptrak Spring-Balanced technology permits effortless smooth operation. Simply push the blinds up or down and your Ziptrak blinds will stay where you leave it. Easy to use and child safe. Optional motorisation is available for one-touch convenience.

    Stylish Pelmet

    The aluminium pelmet offers stylish and robust protection to the blind, along with superior insulation and light blocking capabilities. The slim and discreet system blends easily with your home décor.

    Light Blockout

    Our innovative Track-Guided Blind System slots the fabric inside the discreet side tracks. Blocking light and creating a sealed space between the glass and blinds, minimising air transfer to help you keep the space cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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