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    Our Company Manufactures and Installs Roller Blinds in Geelong

    If you’re looking for window coverings, one excellent solution is to opt for roller blinds in Geelong or any other area. Our blinds not only offer homeowners a fresh-looking design, but they’re also handy for filtering out light while providing you with good homeowner’s privacy.

    Background of Window Shutters in Geelong

    Window coverings have a long history of filtering out sunlight and offering protection against the rain. Curtains and covers provide security as well as privacy, but more modern fabrics are available nowadays. Improvements to the mechanism for opening and closing the coverings are also available now.

    • Shutters were developed to function to control how much light enters a room while offering privacy. Sometimes shutters were installed on either side of a window to create a charming look while providing no noticeable function, for instance, in the 60s with the popularity of the colonial style.
    • In the 80s plantation shutters become popular. These, unlike the fake shutters of the 60s, functioned to control light and to facilitate airflow. In the late 90s, these plantation shutters which had only been available in wood, become available in PVC, making them more affordable.
    • Currently, a popular design is electric roller shutters which offer protection against intruders, while fully controlling the light and keeping out bad weather.

    Window shutters have developed as technology improved as also have the materials used. Materials now range from wood to lighter materials which are also easier to manufacture, such as aluminium.

    Benefits of Window Shutters in Geelong

    Window shutters in Geelong refer to plantation shutters, venetian blinds, or vertical blinds. All types offer benefits of various kinds. Below are some of the benefits.

    • Venetian blinds − these blinds are versatile. They are available in various colours, fabrics, and sizes. Venetian blinds offer privacy, excellent airflow and light filtering. Not only can you control the light entering your Geelong home, but you can also ensure that harsh sunlight is not destructive of your good furniture and furnishings. Paintings, too, must be protected from the sun.
    • Vertical blinds are easy to maintain, and to replace, should this be required. Vertical blinds also offer privacy and light control.
    • Plantation shutters in Geelong are durable, helping to conserve energy. You can also use them to keep children from wandering outside, while still allowing a breeze to blow through the home. This type of window covering also controls light and can work equally well in a modern or traditional home.
    About Doors Blinds & Shutters

    The type of blinds or shutters you install will depend on your requirements. If you want only something decorative, a venetian blind will be the ideal choice. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, offer slightly more security.

    Roller blinds are not only functional, but they certainly enhance the look of your home by adding texture and colour to a window. However, the imperative for blinds and shutters is to control light and offer privacy. As security has become a concern, plantation shutters and electronic roller shutters have increased in popularity. Either way, whatever type of shutter or blind you require, contact us. We are eager to assist you with a custom-made blind that will suit both your décor and your needs.

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