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    Blind and Shutters in Melbourne Provide Protection and Style

    Blinds and Shutters in Melbourne have a dual purpose. They are neat, stylish and add flair to the décor of the room.

    Benefits of Venetian Blinds in Melbourne

    Selecting the interior design of a home is a tricky task. Windows have to be covered to offer privacy and protection from the outside; however it must blend in with the style and design of your home. Deciding on the correct treatment for windows compliments the other decorative aspects of the room whilst controlling the light and texture of the room. There are several benefits of Melbourne Venetian blinds.

    • They’re easy to clean. Some blinds need to be removed and then cleaned, while others depend on being sprayed with soap and water. Curtains are high maintenance and must be removed and washed occasionally. The Venetian blinds are cleaned with a simple wipe down with a damp cloth. Using a microfibre cloth is advisable to maintain the condition of the blinds, thus allowing it to last longer.
    • Blinds control light and privacy. The options that blinds provide in terms of allowing light through is indispensable. The blades are adjustable to offer variations of sunlight into your room. Should you require fresh air, you can draw them up, which allows for maximum light and air. Closing blinds is a simple process which delivers a pleasant level of privacy in your home.
    • They are versatile ranging from traditional to modern. The material is selected based on your requirements. Some of those include PVC, timber and aluminium.

    Venetian blinds appear sophisticated and welcoming. They’re easy to maintain and cost-effective. Due to their style you’ll never have to worry about window coverings for a long time to come.

    Roman Blinds in Melbourne

    Roman Blinds offer a classic and timeless feel to any space. With our Blockout Roman Blinds for bedrooms and living spaces they will help prevent light coming into your room. We offer both cord and chain operation and a huge selection of fabrics and colours to compliment your home. Book an appointment with one of our experienced team members today by calling 93690344.

    Apart from offering solutions for your window coverings in terms of Blinds and Curtains, there are other services we provide.

    • Security doors. There are various options on offer such as the Clearview Security Door, the Restrictaview Security Door, the Sentinel Screen Door and the Premier Screen Door. They all have advantages based on the requirements for your home. They’re all made measure and are available in 20 different colours. Furthermore, we install them with a 10-year guarantee.
    • Roller Shutters. One of the best options to ensure privacy in your home are window Roller Shutters in Melbourne. Company trained engineers inspect the custom-built Shutters under strict quality control guidelines. There’s an extensive range of Roller Shutters to suit residential and commercial properties, which you can operate manually, electrically or with the drive system. The drive system is an affordable motorised control system that is battery operated.
    • Curtains and Sheers. In the case where you may prefer having the soft material of a Curtain as opposed to Blinds, we offer a solution as well. Whether you require a Sheer Curtain for minimal absorption or coated and uncoated curtains, you’ll find an option with us.
    About Doors Blinds and Shutters

    We have been in existence since 2013, providing quality products to our customers. We are a family business that guarantees the best price for you. With over 100 years of collective experience in the industry, you can count on our knowledge to provide you with the best advice and service.

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