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    Blinds Cleaning Service Melbourne

    Doors Blinds & Shutters brings you the best blind cleaners in Melbourne – Swiftee. This highly compatible outdoor blind cleaner is great for Clear PVC outdoor blinds as well as Sun Screen Mesh. It is manufactured by Australia’s leading blind cleaning company Ziptrak and makes your blinds as good as new. If you require Venetian blinds cleaning in Melbourne, choose only Swiftee from Ziptrak.

    As a tried and tested product for blind cleaning in Melbourne, Swiftee cleans all parts of the blind. It does not waste any time and the results are quick. Ziptrak, Australia’s number one blind cleaning company by far, has taken great care to ensure this product works on the toughest stains with tender care and effective results – giving your blinds the shine and sparkle they deserve while removing all dirt and stains.

    Swiftee has a powerful concentrate that works effectively on tough stains. You can dilute the solution using soft and clean water, depending on the toughness of the stains. Swiftee is great for all kinds of premium and luxurious shades and curtains, including Venetian blind cleaning in Melbourne. Ziptrak’s Swiftee is an all-rounder as it works on all shades and curtain types effectively – giving you great results every single time.

    The product has a safe pH-neutral formula that ensures your fabric stays in good condition for a long time. This also ensures the lawn or decking where you dry your blinds does not get affected by any chemical run-off. You can use Swiftee anytime at home and do not need to depend on expensive blind cleaning services.

    Swiftee is quite ambient and has a pleasant smell – with a fresh, light lemon scent. The blind cleaning company that manufactures Swiftee, Ziptrak has made great efforts in ensuring the product is ideal for home use for all types of shades. It removes stains as well as droppings quite easily. Regardless of the degree of staining, your blinds look amazing and as good as new.

    If you require a blind cleaner in Melbourne that can be air-dried as well as hand-dried, choose only Ziptrak’s Swiftee. All you need to do for a streak-free cleaning is ensure that you put away the hose with water flow away once the cleaning is done. Swiftee is ideal for cleaning Venetian blinds in Melbourne. Save your time and money with Swiftee and become independent from expensive blind cleaning services that give below-average results.

    Blind Cleaning

    At Doors Blinds & Shutters, Swiftee is one of our most in-demand products. Most of our repeat customers claim the product is adept at restoring the shine of their old blinds. For more information about the product or any general query or issue, you can always get in touch with our team by letting us know your requirements.

    Buy Swiftee, the best blind cleaner in Melbourne and get great results from the first use. We also have great deals and discounts on single products and packages. You can also get heavy discounts on bulk delivery. Contact us today to know more!

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