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    In Melbourne, Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds are the perfect choice for a great look and protection from the elements. Protect yourself, your house and your family from the vagaries of the weather with Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds in Melbourne. These amazingly delightful blinds are of a premium quality and highly affordable. Choose from a wide range of products for your verandah, alfresco, balcony and other parts of your house.

    Zipscreen Blinds are the perfect solution that encourages you to open your house to the external environment. Let air and sunshine come in without worrying about extreme weather. Enjoy the best of both worlds – natural air and sunshine as well as in-house weather protection with Doors Blinds & Shutters’ highly customised Zipscreen Blinds.

    Our Melbourne Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds have been completely designed in Australia and tested for the Australian environment. The best part is that you don’t need to spend unprecedented amounts of money on renovating your house exterior just to accommodate shades and blinds.

    Zipscreen Blinds are a must for Melbourne’s ever-changing environment. Many people have small outdoor spaces and feel very limited with what they have. Our Zipscreen Blinds can help them transform their lifestyle in a better way by optimising their space and creating a great entertaining area to enjoy all year round.

    A popular Melbourne product, Zipscreen Blinds are recommended by thousands of customers because of the amount of care and protection they offer. With a perfect seal and no-gap finish these products are a dream for every Australian and city dweller in the country.

    Zipscreen Outdoor blinds in Melbourne are the perfect solution to keep insects at bay as well as weather events such as extreme sunshine and heat, rain or strong winds. You also get a great view of the outside world with Zipscreen Blinds. Enjoy maximum privacy and don’t let anything get in your way with this dream product provided to you by Doors Blinds & Shutters.

    Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds in Melbourne are perfect – whether you are just looking for a change and a fresh perspective or if you want to make your home more functional. If you want to get your space renovated, Zipscreen Blinds act as ready made solutions to perfectly fit with any exterior style, theme or dimensions you choose to have.

    We use high-grade aluminium parts to manufacture Zipscreen Blinds right here in Melbourne. Our Zipscreen products are of the highest quality and are extremely durable. Each product can be used for several years and is ideal for coastal locations in Australia as well.

    Doors Blinds & Shutters have been providing Zipscreen Blinds of the finest quality without any hassles to thousands of satisfied customers. The designs are stylish and the amount of comfort they offer is unimaginable. We offer multiple options for every space.

    Our team are well-trained and highly skilled to fulfil all your needs. Explore our website or visit our showroom to know more about our latest offerings, deals and discounts on Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds in Melbourne. Contact us today!

    Motorised Control

    Zipscreen offers sophisticated motorisation control that seamlessly integrates with any shade configuration.

    Specifically engineered for our external shades, the Linx Automation unlocks a whole new shade experience. With intuitive motors that avoid damage with impact detection, your shades gently move to position at the touch of a button.

    Linx Automation remote controls provide an easy-to-use interface. Eliminate the need for manual shade control and enjoy the comfort of remote opening, closing, and locking (when paired).

    Crank Control

    A modernised take on a classic control type, Zipscreen’s Crank Control operates your shade with just a few quick twists. The Crank is designed to move your shade up and down with minimal effort, eliminating the need to bend down or reach up. With a removable handle and customisable colours, the crank can be installed in a position that’s both comfortable and discrete.

    Spring Control

    Our spring control features a simple and natural manual movement. Six different spring sizes are available to align with the size of your shade. These springs keep the bottom bar of the system completely balanced and tensioned.

    Simply glide the Zipscreen shade by hand, and it will move and balance to your chosen height. For extended reach and larger installations, our Spring Handle allows you to pull and push the shade from fully open to closed in one effortless motion.

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